Lewis N. Clark Datablock RFID-Blocking Shield, Passport




This virtually weightless passport cover is easy to slip over your passport so that you're protected from RFID signals wherever you go. 

If your passport was issued after 2006, it contains an RFID chip. This means it sends signals at a certain frequency which readers are then able to scan. While most scanning is done by airport personnel and other government agencies, individuals can also buy personal readers and scan without your permission.

They're then able to steal all the personal data stored on your passport, which can lead to identity theft and other forms of electronic pickpocketing. This simple shield will protect your information from unauthorized scanning.

Its ultra-lightweight design allows you to store this inside your handbag, laptop case, or other piece of luggage. Despite being thin, it's durable enough to resist the regular wear-and-tear of travel, and it resists moisture as well.

Keep your personal information private with this passport shield today.

- Lightweight and compact protection
- Fits US passports
- Tear- and wear-resistant


Item #:  1207

Dimensions: 5.5" X 4" 


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